In-store music... in a box

The easy way to audio-brand your business!

What is RadioBox?

RadioBox is a complete music solution for your store – whether you are a single store or a worldwide brand. We make it easy to play your choice of music in your store, restaurant or hotel, etc. To make the magic happen, we provide you with a free internet music player. You don’t need a computer or any other device: simply connect the player to the Internet and then to a receiver or amplified speakers in your store. The player is pre-configured when it arrives, so it will automatically start playing music when you turn it on. It’s that simple! RadioBox – In-store music in a box!

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What is RadioBox?

We create a custom in-store music playlist for your business or brand running only your commercials and none of your competitors’ adverts

RadioBox Music

You get to choose the music format that suits you from original artists. Choose from Easy Listening, Classic Hits, New Music or a mix of all three. We also provide non-copyright music solutions.

Easy Installation

We can install your RadioBox player in minutes. Just connect to your internet service & sound system and you’re up and running

The RadioBox effect

Entice your customers with your messages and offers while they shop in your store. And watch your sales grow while audio-branding your business.

What can RadioBox do for you?
Your in-store music channel

Do you listen to FM radio or a repetitive CD in your store or business?  Are you tired of hearing ads for other business that take your customers elsewhere? With RadioBox we take the music you love and mix it with your own adverts & offers to create the perfect in-store music channel for your brand.

Grow sales

With your own adverts and offers playing out all day on your RadioBox channel, you have the power to influence your customers’ buying decisions there & then. Increase sales and customer spend in your store right now, while creating a great atmosphere as they shop.

Watch your Brand Grow

RadioBox creates and commercialises the in-store music space for retailers. Our approach improves customer experience and delivers a unique and flexible platform to communicate directly to them as they shop. Original artist music is customised and tailored to suit your retail environment and the service standardises your corporate message and branding group-wide. We also have non-copyright versions to suit your needs.

What RadioBox users have to say!

“RadioBox have been an integral part of the success and growth that the Centre has achieved over the past few years. The ambience in the Centre is greatly enhanced by the selective background music that Airserv manages as well as giving customers the opportunity to hear targeted promotional messages.”

Jack MartinDirector of Retail - The Square TownCentre Tallaght

“We installed RadioBox last year and our employees and customer immediately noticed the difference. I received a huge amount of positive feedback from employees who were delighted with new quality music.”

Paul CandonCEO McCabes Pharmacy Group

“Since AirServ installed our RadioBox we have been delighted with the great mix of music which rings through with our customers too as we are regularly complimented on Jervis Shopping Centre Radio. Highly recommended”

Derek McDonnellCentre Manager, Jervis Shopping Centre

“The ads were such a success the deal our client had on offer sold out quicker than we thought. We would recommend the AirCentre Radio network as it was a huge success for us.”

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Which RadioBox is right for my business?

Pick your music style from three great formats – Easy, Gold or Hits

A perfect mix of soft, relaxing music to set the mood for your business. Great singer-songwriters, quality artists and big ballads.

The biggest classic hits of all time. All of the best selling songs of the past thirty years that your customers know and love.

If your business is looking for an up-tempo mix of the latest new hit music, then this the format for you. All the hits – all the time.

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