Top Oil Radio

Fueling Ireland - with great music

Welcome to an example of how a partnership with Top Oil and RadioBox can create the perfect atmosphere for your retail customers across Ireland

What is Top Oil Radio?

  • Your own-brand radio station – exclusively designed for Top Oil outlets by RadioBox
  • Great music Mixed to perfection
  • Always fresh and up to date
  • It sounds like a real FM radio station – branded for your business
  • Run your own adverts to sell your offers
  • Plug, play and change your customers’ retail experience

The Proposal:

  • The music selection for Top Oil Radio will be designed to encapsulate and reflect the essence of the Top Oil brand.
  • RadioBox will develop a music strategy with a brand symphony, creating a connection through audio branding directly to Top Oil retail customers.
  • Top Oil radio will be carefully mastered with hundreds of ‘on brand’ music tracks updated monthly.
  • RadioBox will deliver a highly specific music library compiled by radio experts, whatever the trend, from new music to celebrated artists across a range of music genres.
Choose the music format:

radiobox-htz-logo radiobox-ezy-logo radiobox-gld-logo

Featuring great artists like:

Whitney Houston
Mariah Carey
Bruno Mars
Bryan Adams
Justin Timberlake
Ed Sheeran

Fleetwood Mac
Lionel Richie
Michael Jackson
Rod Stewart
Billy Joel

Sam Smith
Marvin Gaye
James Taylor
Diana Ross
Stevie Wonder

Revenue Share:
  • 70/30 RadioBox/Top Oil share for RadioBox generated sales
  • 30/70 share for Top Oil/RadioBox for Top Oil generated sales
The Detail:

• Seamless Rollout into Top Oil sites on the island of Ireland
   – RadioBox Player connects to your existing amp/speakers/internet in store
• Creation of full suite of branded jingles and liners for Top Oil Radio
   – up to 10 x 10 second duration liners (e.g. ‘Welcome to Top Oil – Fueling Ireland!”
• Bespoke music playlist designed by us for Top Oil Radio
• A fully produced 30 second duration commercial every month outlining current offers
• 24/7 always on support
• No installation charge
• Rollout 5 to 6 weeks from contract signing
• Regular monthly cost for Premium RadioBox service €99
• Discounted Top Oil monthly rate only €45 per site plus vat based on multiple sites on a 5 year contract

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